Senior Developer / Enabler to SEB in Stockholm

Senior Developer / Enabler to SEB in Stockholm

Employer SEB
Location Stockholm
Job category Tech
Last application day 2019-11-01
Office gym Office gym
Career opportunities Career opportunities
Fitness stipend Fitness stipend
Good worklife balance Good worklife balance

Do you want to help all developers at SEB create world class code? Welcome to the Developer Community Team in Stockholm!

You will get a central role in our journey to improve our coding and the security around it. You will get the opportunity to contribute with your own ideas and implement these to optimize our way of working. Your primary work will be to experiment and try different things.


You will be part of a self-organized, agile, cross-delivery team sitting in modern offices in Solna. Your team consist of Product a product owner, scrum master and developers. Your work, however, will not be limited to your team. You will work with other teams across different departments at SEB. For example, you will:

  • Support teams in publishing their code as open-source and in cloud ( Google Azure, AWS, etc.)
  • Use your creativity to come up with new ideas and development tools and implementing these
  • Participating in initiatives to optimize our developers´ workplace and way-of-working
  • Improve our coding security within open-source and cloud

DevSecOps is a prioritized area at SEB and if you don´t have knowledge of this already you will get the opportunity to learn everything about it here.


Since you will work closely with our developers it is necessary that you have experience of coding, preferably within a modern development environment. In this role you will contribute with your own ideas and therefor it is good if you are creative, innovative and able to think outside the box. Also, you are communicative and able to present your ideas to both developers and people within management. Most important for you to succeed is your interest and curiosity about new technologies, and your motivation to always learn more.

With a personal interest in technology and the area itself, you will come far. We believe you also are an individual who enjoy teamwork and can communicate effectively in a multi-cultural environment. You are driven by the effect your effort has on the business and have the capability to take initiative as well as responsibility. To be able to communicate effectively with the team, you are fluent in both written and spoken English.




You will work in an industry undergoing major changes and at a workplace characterized by entrepreneurship, openness and genuine commitment. Working with us will give you the possibility to grow your talent through everyday learning, extensive training and other development opportunities. We see the value of a flexible working life, wellness benefits and a healthy lifestyle for our employees. Also, since the start of our company, we have taken an active role in our society´s social development and all our employees have, for example, the opportunity to contribute by joining programs held by the Mentor Foundation.


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